I put a lot of time and effort into this project, you can support me with a star or if you really want to help... so you can, you know, contribute to it by making pull requests to help great Arch community.

If you want to contribute to a project and make it better, your help is very welcome. Don't hesitate to create an issue.

How to make a clean pull request

Look for a project's contribution instructions. If there are any, follow them.

  • Create an issue and discuss changes(optional)
  • Create a personal fork of the project on Github.
  • Clone the fork on your local machine. Your remote repo on Github is called origin.
  • Add the original repository as a remote called upstream.
  • If you created your fork a while ago be sure to pull upstream changes into your local repository.
  • Create a new branch to work on! Branch from dev if it exists, else from master.
  • After adding or fixing something, don't forget to properly comment your code.
  • Follow the code style of the project, including indentation and Markdown rules.
  • Add or change the documentation as needed.
  • Squash your commits into a single commit with git's interactive rebase. Create a new branch if necessary.
  • Push your branch to your fork on Github, the remote origin.
  • From your fork open a pull request in the correct branch. Target the project's dev branch if there is one, else go for master!
  • Once the pull request is approved and merged you can pull the changes from upstream to your local repo and delete your extra branch(es).

And last but not least: Always write your commit messages in the present tense. Your commit message should describe what the commit, when applied, does to the code – not what you did to the code.

Last Updated: 12/30/2018, 10:56:45 PM