# Configuring

After successful archiso boot, start entering configuration commands into the shell.

# UEFI check

Before proceeding, it's worth checking the efivars to make sure we're booting in UEFI mode.

root@archiso ~ # ls /sys/firmware/efi/efivars/


root@archiso ~ # efivar -l

Variables from existing directory means everything is fine. If not, the system may be booted in BIOS or CSM mode.

# Change layout while in archiso

If you're non-QWERTY user, e.g. a dvorak user, here is how you change the keyboard layout:


This will temporary change your layout within archiso! 🙃

root@archiso ~ # loadkeys dvorak

# Network connection


Wired connection should be done automatically with ~systemd-networkd.service~, ~systemd-resolved.service~ which are enabled by default in archiso.

You may want to establish wireless internet connection and take advantage of iwd, since ~iwd.service~ enabled by default in archiso. To establish connection:

root@archiso ~ # iwctl --passphrase **yourpassword** station **yourdevice** connect **yourSSID**


iwd and a lot of other programs that are presented in chroot, might not be in your fresh install; you will need to install them by yourself or pick a DE with preinstalled software.


I'm currently using #iwd as my main network manager.